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K.O Details How He Has Managed To Keep His Rap Game Fresh Throughout The Years SA Hip Hop Mag

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K.O Details How He Has Managed To Keep His Rap Game Fresh Throughout The Years. K.O is one rapper who has gone through a topsy-turvy hip hop career. Looking back to the Tear Gas days, fast forward to the birth of Cash Time, it has been a learning curve for the Skanda rapper as he is now moving towards building something much better with the Skanda World group.

K.O Details How He Has Managed To Keep His Rap Game Fresh Throughout The Years

With all the difficulties he has gone through the rapper has managed to maintain his rap game afloat making sure that SA hip hop is well represented. During an interview on PoPCast with Scoop Makhathini and MS Cosmo, the rapper revealed how he has managed to maintain the SA hip hop standards at the same time satisfying the fans with his music.

“I remember back in the day like when we first started, I remember Kanye at one point, peak Kanye on 06 07, this guy comes out and he says Soulja Boy is the future and I’m like, this garbage you know what I mean?” It didn’t make sense, because we are looking at, you are Kanye bro, like you are like full-fleshed artist you know what I mean, like top to bottom, how you gonna co-sign this bullsh** you know.

The further explained what he took from what was said by Kanye West and applied it to his own craft in making good music. At the same time he mentioned that it helped him to keep up with the trends and be in a position to give people what they want.

“So because hip hop is constantly evolving and cannot holds people at the same standards as Jay Z, like my current favourite rapper is Lil Baby, so like the fact that I’m an MC and like some people might think like because he more like a J Cole type guy, Kendrick those are his goats, f**k no!”

K.O elaborated that he has learnt a lot about how music keeps evolving and it made him generate more ideas on how he can remain relevant. “I sit there I will stay up for an NBA young boy release I think to me its one of the things that’s like, I learnt from that.”

“As soon as you feel like, at whatever age, this new n**gas are trash hang it up, because you gonna sound outdated and you think just because you make Caracara and Skhanda Republic and you think that’s what gonna jump into 2021 in your dream,” he said.

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