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K.O Explains His Relationship With MA-E In The Rise And Fall Of Cash Time SA Hip Hop Mag

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K.O Explains His Relationship With MA-E In The Rise And Fall Of Cash Time. With all his consistency and the respect he has earned in the SA hip hop culture, KO is still recognized as an individual who is marred with a trail of controversies. A big one was the demise of his label, Cashtime, which he was harshly criticized for when several performers departed. Nonetheless, the rise and fall of Cashtime proved to be a learning curve for the rapper as he learnt quite a number of things in terms of how to relate with people in the hip hop industry.

During an interview on PopRadio with Scoop Makhathini the rapper unfolded the events that took place during the rise and the fall of Cashtime. The most significant [art was how K.O and MA-E‘s relationship got affected during the downfall of Cashtime and the departure of artists from the label. The Rapper went on and clarified the events and how it has affected them.

K.O Explains His Relationship With MA-E In The Rise And Fall Of Cash Time

“Cashtime was largely built on brotherhood it was just love all around the building and I was emotionally invested in the individuals.” “So when things fall apart you are expecting for people to take up for you the same way you just invested from an emotional standpoint and if you don’t get that,” he said.

Despite everything that have happened K.O was asked how him and MA-E managed to reconcile and make up for what happened in the past since the former is now featuring on most of K.O’s projects and being involved in the Skhanda World. The rapper mentioned that his decision to buy his own house and stop staying with MA-E escalated the debacle between the two.

“So in 2016, we still living in the same house, myself and MA-E and 2016 there I was like cool I think I have collected what I’ve wanted i’mma buy my own house now and we were not equally ready,” he said.

“And being brothers and having being around each other for so long, having supported each other, you know when that time came and I’m moving into a bigger house than the on we living I felt like I needed time to be all by myself.” However, his decision to buy a house did not sit well with the MA-E.

“So it didn’t register well in his mind, there was a strain in the relationship by default because nig**s would probably thinking alright cool, this is nowhere, so why would you buy a situation and yet you just need to be all by yourself over there, what are ni**gs supposed to do.” He said reflecting on what happened during the rift between him and MA-E.

K.O further mentioned that he waited for the right time to iron out his issues with MA-E since he was taking time to be by himself by staying away from all the negativity. “So when things started opening up for me again as an artist and as a brand, it was natural for me to reach back out and I was like yoh you’re my guy you know what I mean” “He is the first person who embraced me when I moved out to Joburg so by default, whether I like it or not that’s gonna be my guy,” he said.

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