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Kanye West Gets Sued By The State Of California

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Fans are up in arms as pricey Yeezys are shipping super slow and violating the state’s business codes.

Rapper Kanye West, now legally known as Ye, is being sued by the State of California for illegally delaying product shipments. The slow shipping out of his Yeezy products (sneakers, apparel, etc.) is a violation of California’s business code and the artist-turned-fashion-designer may have to face some serious penalties.

According to Yahoo! News, companies are to send products purchased by their customers within a 30-day range.  The authorities contend in their filing that the company, backed by Adidas, “repeatedly violated” this code “by failing to ship items within thirty days and failing to provide adequate delay notices to California consumers, or provide an offer of a refund.”

The law is clear.  If a store does not ship an online order within the designated 30-day timeframe, the consumer should get their money back. If they don’t get their money back from the companies via a full refund, they are to give them “equivalent or superior replacement goods,” and a written delay notice.

Fans said that they were disappointed. While they were willing to stomach the hefty price of the kicks, the prolonged way due to shipping was not an option. Especially when Yeezysupply.com, says to “allow 2-3 business days for your order to process and 3-5 days to ship.”

But is it all Yeezy/ Adidas’ fault? 

No. California ports are having a supply chain crisis and it is impacting the retail market across the country.

Adidas is not named in the lawsuit as a defendant. They only want the “Ultralight Beam” billionaire.


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