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Kanye West’s New “DONDA” Stem Player Includes 3 Extra Songs

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New owners of Kanye West’s $200 device reveal that three new “DONDA” tracks are included and the much-loved Cudi feature is restored.

Kanye West recently launched his “DONDA” stem player. The cutting-edge device enables users to make the listening experience truly unique by customizing individual song components. And according to those who recently received theirs, it includes some surprise bonus tracks.  

Proud new device owners have shared details of the product on social media. According to them, the stem player includes some additional tracks not included in the 27-song version of the “DONDA” album that exists on streaming platforms.  

There are three new songs, the most talked about is “Life of the Party.” Not only notable for its feature from Andre 3000 but it’s the same song Drake leaked on his SiriusXM radio show earlier this year. The song is complete with an outro from DMX and adlibs from The Notorious B.I.G.  


“Life of the Party” was reportedly cut from the project initially due to the profanity which is censored on the stem-player version.  

Also included with the device is a track fans heard during Kanye’s first “DONDA” listening party in Atlanta, “Never Abandon Your Family.” 


Additionally, the “DONDA” stem player contains “Up From the Ashes,” originally recorded for 2019’s Jesus Is King.  


“Remote” featuring Young Thug also includes its original Kid Cudi appearance.  


Elsewhere, Kanye is defending a lawsuit for illegally delaying his merch shipments.  

The “DONDA” stem player is available through Kanye West’s official website

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