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Kendra & The Bunnies Releases New EP “of Summer” — Unspoken Press

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By Colin Naughton

Psychedelic folk rock artist, Kendra Muecke who goes by the stage name Kendra & The Bunnies, has released a new four song EP titled of Summer, released on July 2nd, 2021. This new release, of Summer, is a pop-country EP that was recorded in Nashville, TN. Justine Blazer, Corey Lee Barker, Mark Roma and Randy Barnette helped Kendra write the songs featured on this release. 

The first track, “Who Wants To Rock,” is a high tempo country rock song with an awesome guitar riff driving the energy of the track. The drumming is fantastic and powerful, producing a great rhythmic beat. Kendra’s vocals on this song are simply amazing, with such a catchy chorus! Her singing gets your blood pumping and ready to Rock & Roll!

“All American Girl” is a slower wholesome feelgood track that can serve as your summer anthem. Kendra pays homage to her American roots just in time for the 4th of July. I can just picture myself listening to this song on a hot summer day with my friends. As you listen you get feelings of hopefulness, excitement for the future and a little nostalgia. The guitar playing and drumming sound so good and really give a traditional country pop vibe to the song. 

“Passion Roulette” takes a more love inspired approach than the other songs on this EP. Kendra sings about a relationship that has either ended or is on the verge of ending. You can hear the passion in the lyrics and delivery of the vocals. The way Kendra Mueke draws out certain notes is on point and so well executed. The song has such a good flow to it. I also really enjoy the country rock guitar solos interwoven in the song towards the end.

The final song on this four track EP is “Hello Summer.” Driven by a rhythmic drum beat this is a track that gets you ready for the adventures and joyfulness that comes with summer. There’s something in the air during summer that makes everyone happy and enjoy life. A time where there is no school for kids, family vacations, warm weather and full of adventures. “Hello Summer” portrays these emotions perfectly.

Kendra & The Bunnies has produced wonderful summer time music in, of Summer. You can stream the new EP on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Kendra & The Bunnies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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