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Khuli Chana Disappointed In The Lack Of Skills In His Freestyle Competition

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Khuli Chana Disappointed In The Lack Of Skills In His Freestyle Competition. Rapper Khuli Chana has been left rather disappointed in the entries that have been submitted for his Khuli Chana and Friends Freestyle Competition. The rapper was meant to announce the winner for the competition but has instead opted not to do so, as he has yet to find what he is looking for. Khuli shared that while he is enjoying the competition, a lot of the entries are average and has remarked disappointment in the lack of skills in rappers. The award-winning rapper also noted a trend he was seen of the public giving props to rappers who are average.

For the competition, Khuli has called on upcoming rappers to submit a 1 minute clip of themselves rapping on Khuli Chana’s latest track, Buyile. It has been almost a week since entries opened and several clips have been seen on Khuli Chana’s time-line have been seen of rappers giving the competition their best shot. Khuli Chana is one of South Ah’s most talented rappers and certainly when it comes to him, the bar is high, which is probably why he is finding it hard to find what he is looking for. “A lot of you are too quick to give fire emojis to average rappers…🤦🏽‍♂️ Im enjoying the #KhuliChanaAndFriends freestyle competition but I’m disappointed at the lack of skillz…AoWa🤷🏾‍♂️ or byang?” remarked the rapper.

Khuli Chana On SA Hip Hop:

Khuli has given the hopefuls a chance to step up their game as he extends the competition deadline, it’s not yet clear when Khuli will announce the winner, however, it will be soon. One fan asked for Khuli Chana to give them two more days, Khuli responded to the hopeful and told them that wasn’t possible as he doesn’t have two days. While there may be a lot of disappointment there is one contender that is standing out, Tyro. A Twitter user expressed to Khuli that Tyro deserves the win and in his response, Khuli agreed that Tyro brought his A-game, as they “went in hard”. Khuli is certainly feeling Tyro’s entry, judging by the several fire emojis he placed under his entry. He even agreed with another Twitter user who said Tyro’s entry has to be the best.

The winner of the competition will get to perform on the HHG S4 stage on November 6. Khuli dropped Buyile earlier this year. The single features Tyler ICU, Stino Le Thwenny and Lady Du. Buyile is Khuli Chana’s first rodeo at amapiano, however, when it comes to the lyrics, Khuli certainly brings the bar and reminds everyone why he is a great MC.

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