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Khuli Chana Reveals The Rapper Who Gave Him His First Paycheck And How Much It Was

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Khuli Chana Reveals The Rapper Who Gave Him His First Paycheck And How Much It Was. Rapper Khuli Chana has opened up about his journey in SA Hip Hop music and during his interview on 702, he shared how the late rapper Hip Hop Pantsula better known as HHP influenced his career. Not only did HHP influence Khuli’s career, he also taught him there is money to be made in SA hip hop music.

The Motswako rapper during the interview spoke about the moment when he first received a paycheque and revealed it was from HHP and it was R900. This was the moment that Khuli learnt that he could actually make money from hip hop. “The first time I got my first paycheque was from HHP, he gave me R900 and I didn’t even know you could actually make money from hip-hop,” shared Khuli.

Khuli went on to praise Jabba calling him “the most extraordinary person” he has ever met in his life. “We saw music through his eyes, this guy was an amazing and the most extraordinary person I have ever met in my life and I am forever grateful for the opportunity he gave me to shine. He believed so much in me that I could have never imagined things getting to this level,” Khuli explained.

The rapper also shared during the interview, how HHP took him under his wing after they met at a party in high school. This was at a time the game was changing as HHP was now releasing music in his native tongue rather than English. Khuli recalled how HHP decided that Khuli should join him on tour, which saw the young rapper living in the rapper’s apartment at the time.

Khuli has never been shy to speak on the influence that the late rapper had on his career and has never failed to pay homage to the rapper. The rapper had previously shared that he has a lot to be thankful for thanks to Jabba and in an old video, he spoke highly of Jabba’s influence on him.

“I plan to carry on the tradition, Jabba put us on. I remember the first time I was on Television was because of Jabba. The first time I’ve been into a real recording studio, I am not talking someone’s bedroom I am talking serious art, big mics big everything,” shared Jabba in the clip.

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