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KidX Reveals What Made Him Keep Solo’s Controversial Verse On ‘Do Better’

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KidX Reveals What Made Him Keep Solo’s Controversial Verse On ‘Do Better’. KidX on his album, Father Of Zen has gone deep, he is addressing those societal issues that people need to be talking about. Music is a form of expression and on this offering, no issue is left untouched, even the topics that people may not want to speak about. KidX collaborated with Solo Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu on a track called, Do Better, which is a message for men to do better and touches on GBV. Solo in his verse makes it known that he believes Lady Zamar, who alleged she was raped by rapper Sjava.

During his interview with Slikour, Kid X shared why he kept Solo’s verse on the song. Slikour recalled to KidX that Solo had expressed to him, that he was not certain if his verse would make the final cut, as it was very controversial. “He told you that like when he sent you the verse, he said you might write me out your album,” shared Slikour. KidX explained that he had to understand Solo’s intention with the verse. He shared that he looked at the conversations they were having as male friends about gender inequality, inequality about the struggle between men and women. “We had to sit and look at as black men living in 2021, how are we affecting change, how are we moving, are we moving being informed by like how things were done in the past and we simply keeping up the status quo and we’re not really looking up to say how does this affect people on a human level you know what I mean and it came off from conversations like that,” said KidX.

“So naturally, when we went into studio we wanted to make a record that would symbolize the fact that we’re not 19 we’re not 25, we were born in ’88, you know what I mean and in the current climate that makes us elder statesmen and we have to speak, into evakalayo (something that is proper), so then it happened and for me, I felt like his expression is his expression, his intention is to have a conversation and I have to respect where he’s coming from. I cannot silence him and say eish boy, sonyanthela la, unganyatheli la (step here, don’t step here), because that waters down his expression and what he deeply feels inside,” said Kid X.

The reality is the song because the nature and the sensitivity of the topic is gonna offend certain people, unfortunately, that comes with just what the song is. For me, I felt like because I did have moments where I was like, eish, how do I break it down to Solo that, hade boy, ngilikhiphila (I took out) verse, but then I thought, that’s the equivalent of every other person who was silenced who goes through the very same thing were are discussing in this song and I feel like this conversation needs to be had,” he further added.

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