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Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Clarifies False Rumors About His Contract

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Kim Seon Ho’s agency has officially shut down false rumors about the status of his contract.

Earlier this week, Kim Seon Ho was swept up in controversy after his ex-girlfriend made an anonymous post on an online community about her relationship with an unnamed actor. The post claimed that the actor in question had manipulated her into getting an abortion under false pretenses, treated her badly once she had gotten the abortion, badmouthed his co-workers, and more. Two days later, Kim Seon Ho confirmed that he was the actor mentioned in the anonymous post and released an official apology through his agency.

Following the incident, a rumor began circulating online that Kim Seon Ho’s exclusive contract with his agency, SALT Entertainment, had expired in September and that he was in the process of negotiating a renewal. An anonymous individual claiming to be an acquaintance of Kim Seon Ho’s alleged in an Instagram post that because Kim Seon Ho’s contract with SALT Entertainment had expired, the agency had conspired with his ex-girlfriend to create unfavorable circumstances for the actor.

However, SALT Entertainment has now clarified that this rumor is entirely false and that Kim Seon Ho still has plenty of time left on his contract.

“The rumor that Kim Seon Ho’s contract with our agency expired in September is not true,” stated SALT Entertainment. “He still has enough time left on his contract that it’s not even time yet for us to be discussing a renewal.”

The agency also stated firmly, “What the person claiming to be Kim Seon Ho’s acquaintance wrote about [his ex-girlfriend’s post] being related to his contract is completely groundless and false.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend made an addition to her statement on October 20 announcing that she has accepted a personal apology from the actor.

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