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KO Responds To Speculation That He Maphorisa’s Verse On Izolo SA Hip Hop Mag

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KO Responds To Speculation That He Maphorisa’s Verse On Izolo. DJ Maphorisa‘s latest hit tune Izolo starring Tyler ICU has many tweeps asking who wrote DJ Maphorisa’s outstanding verse. Maphorisa’s fans were especially curious to learn if he penned the heated lyric since the DJ has previously criticized those who don’t acknowledge ghost writers.

So far, tweeps have speculated that Reason (also known as Sizwe Alakine) and maybe Mpura are the persons behind the lyrics. While still no one can dispute that the lines are incredible, some music followers are skeptical that Phori is capable of writing such a hot verse.

There have been speculations that one of the best hip hop artist in the game might have penned the verse for DJ Maphorisa. And the rapper that has been brought forward is K.O. The Skhanda World member is being allegedly being pinned that he wrote the verse for Phori and he even went on and assist him how to flow on the beat.

K.O seemed to have came across the words on the streets that he wrote the verse for Phori. The Skhanda Love hit maker did not hesitate to respond to such claims at the same time giving credit to DJ Maphorisa for the wonderful works. “Big The homies are crushing the game all on their own. Just salute!” Tweeted K.O.

Izolo is a song that has been embraced in Mzansi and it has been tipped to be one of the best songs that will rock the December atmosphere. Most music followers might have been wanting to hear Phori’s response. Its clear that Maphorisa has chosen to hold South Africans in curiosity by not responding to the claims.

Its not the first time that DJ Maphorisa has been caught up in a wind of criticism. DJ Maphorisa, the king of Amapiano, has been rebuked for sarcastically saying that he is the only musician in the world who can feature himself on a tune. Despite the fact that Phori is not renowned for being humble about his achievements, the Amapiano pioneer managed to irritate fans with his comments about where he is in his ever-developing music career.

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