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Kuami, Amerado, Mona, Michy, Joeboy, Vyrusky, Flick & Tilly Akua Nipaa dissect their lives on ‘The One Show’! – Ghana Music

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As part of Oneplay Africa’s One Year Celebration dubbed #OneAt1, a new series to earmarked to start the November celebration is the ONE SHOW! 

For most people, the best part of their day is the moments they get to sit and watch or listen to their favorite stars give them a bit of their mysterious life through an interview. 

For the young people who count on thrilling conversations, educative points and never heard or seen insights from their One favorite star, they know that Oneplay Africa is where to get it.

The Show which is hosted by Tilly Akua Nipaa, to have brilliant yet emotional conversations with plethora of stars about their music, life, dark days and charged up times. The new series kicked off on the 7th of November 2021 on ONEPLAY AFRICA video on demand platform called Oneplayplus and on YouTube every Sunday, 8pm GMT.

On the show Kuami Eugene addresses his biggest worry with Ghanaians while Amerado touches on how many thought his Abotr3 song numbers where from machines. , Mona 4Reall gets emotional about how people criticize her for doing music and Michy goes all spiritual, revealing her GOD side.

THE ON SHOW also has some international appearance by Nigerian star and Alcohol hit maker Joeboy. The singer reveals how he created his recent monster hit and why Nigeria is on top of African music.

The DJs are not left out as DJ Vyrusky opens up as been the producer behind many hits, explains his newsong All Correct and why Ghanaians are quick to blame a DJ for their lack of marketing. 

The One Show is streaming now on Youtube and on oneplayplus.

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