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L-Tido Reflects On Why He Is Still Relevant In SA Hip Hop After Years Of Not Making MusicSA Hip Hop Mag

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L-Tido Reflects On Why He Is Still Relevant In SA Hip Hop After Years Of Not Making Music. Thato Madonsela, better known by his stage name L-Tido, is a South African rapper who is most recognized for being one of the country’s few independent musicians to achieve stardom. With his new EP “Pressure,” L-Tido has returned to the spotlight after a three-year hiatus.

Even though he was on a sabbatical from making music, L-Tido is still deemed as one of the most consistency, lyrical dexterity artists in the game. His rap delivery is just a few of the many qualities that can’t be overlooked. The amount of songs on this freshly published comes with outstanding and mind-blowing recordings along with great collaborations.

During an interview with Slikour the most renowned hip hop pioneers in Mzansi, L-Tido shares why his music still got impact and relevancy in the SA Hip hop game. The rapper has been away from the music space for close to three years. But he mentioned that its not about how long you have been making music or how long you have been absent, rather he alluded that what matters the most is the lyrical content that define who you are in the game.

Just to put things into perspectives, Slikour asked Tido why he is still making music to this very day. “Why is it still kinda important though, like listen, I still need to drop music I’m still important, why is Tido still in 2021?” Slikour asked. L-Tido made it clear that he is someone who is made to make music and its something he cant live without doing at the same time, he still got a lot of things to say through his lyrics.

Music is like breathing to me you know, its like I don’t have no choice, its like I cant even decide to say like, let me make it or let me not.” “Its like daily when I wake up, its like one of my friends ask me like bro, how are you recording so many records?” “Why you still have so many things to talk about after all this time we have been making music you know?” Its like my peers I work with, I started with it.”

L-Tido went to explain that the only way he has managed to stay relevant is how he has managed to change the way he works on his music and lyrical content. His music is all about talking about issues that matters the most in the society and something that impact the lives of many. He has shun away from creating music that only talks about blink blink and lifestyle that does not represent the people in his society.

“I change my approach to writing, its like everything I see now is just like right here under my nose even if you listen to the new EP Pressure I touched on various subjects that are happening within society, I have literally become part of my environment so the verses comes easier to me you know.”

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