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L-Tido Reveals What Has Been Preventing Him From Dropping Music, Announces New Project

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L-Tido Reveals What Has Been Preventing Him From Dropping Music, Announces New Project. Fans of rapper L-Tido have been patiently waiting for him to drop new music and finally, the rapper is giving the people what they want. It has been a very long minute since L-Tido gave his fans some heat and he is now ready to drop and the wait won’t be long. On Wednesday L-Tido took to social media to reveal what has been the delay with his music and announce his new project. In a lengthy post, L-Tido revealed that next week Friday, he will drop a project called, Pressure.

L-Tido in a heartfelt post thanked his supporters for riding with him over the past few years. He explained that he had been absent from the music scene due to being held up by contracts and business hacks. Despite being unable to drop new music, L-Tido has not been sitting and waiting around he has been crafting in the studio, working on his music. “Firstly I would like to thank my supporters for being patient with me over the last few years. My absence was nothing personal, I’ve been held up by contracts and business hacks that prevented me from dropping music. In my time away I spent a lot of my days and nights in studio,” shared L-Tido.

L-Tido also opened up about his creative process with his upcoming project, the rapper revealed that he recorded different sounds which depended on the mood that he was in at the studio. “I went through a lot of phases while creating this music so I recorded different kinds of sounds depending on the mood I was in. I put my heart and soul into making this project so I can’t wait for the supporters to hear what I’ve been working on so we can reconnect on a higher level,” the rapper went on to say. L-Tido’s announcement was certainly well received by his fans and individuals in the SA Hip Hop community, who are ready to hear what L-Tido has been cooking, especially since he last dropped a project in 2018.

L-Tido is not the only rapper who has recently resurfaced with the announcement of new music after being away from the scene. Rapper Maggz recently also dropped new music in August after quite the hiatus. Maggz dropped a song called, Nay’le, prior to the release he also dropped a statement explaining why he has been away and thanked his fans for their patience. “I’d like to assure you that I’ve been working behind the scenes, my journey in music is a story still being written and nowhere close to the end.. These past few months have been a journey for my team and I as we’ve embarked on a new voyage, a new sound rooted in Sout African kasi culture and lifestyle, we call it “VAITO”,” read the statement in part.

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