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Lee Jun Young Moves To New Agency That He Co-Establishes

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Lee Jun Young has launched the new agency Jflex!

On November 11, Jflex shared, “Actor Lee Jun Young has co-established J-flex and begins his independent journey. The company will provide our full support in order for him to impress in diverse fields as an actor.”

With his new agency, Lee Jun Young plans on taking more control in carefully selecting and focusing on his acting projects.

Lee Jun Young debuted as an idol in 2014 when he joined U-KISS as a new member, and he also promoted as a member of UNB after placing No. 1 on the KBS idol competition program “The Unit.” He made his official acting debut through “Avengers Social Club” and has since impressed in dramas including “Mr. Temporary,” “Good Casting,” “Please Don’t Date Him,” “Imitation,” “D.P.,” and more.

Lee Jun Young is currently starring in the new SBS drama “Let Me Be Your Knight,” and his Netflix film “Love and Leashes” is scheduled to premiere in February 2022.

Watch Lee Jun Young in “Let Me Be Your Knight” below:

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