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Lil Nas X Brother Steps Into The Ring

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Lil Nas X

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Lil Nas X

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The brother of Lil Nas X has stepped into the fray, proving that this battle royale between the “Montero” rapper and Boosie is going to have more fighters than Wrestlemania.

We previously told you that Azealia Banks stepped into the middle of the fray to defend Lil Nas X against the homophobic attacks, proving that even the most horrible people can make the most valid points. Then, we told you that Lil Nas X’s daddy stepped into the ring to defend his son. And this caused Boosie to snap back, probably because it served as a reminder that Boosie’s own daddy wasn’t worth a sh*t and he feels a type of way about it.

And now, the “Montero” rapper’s brother has stepped into the ring, too, to defend both his brother and his daddy.


Not that I have a horse in the race, necessarily, when it comes to these folks — and there’s a conspiratorial part of my mind that wonders whether this is all for clout on everyone’s part — but I’m of the humble opinion that Boosie needs to find his nearly-40-year-old self something that’s diabetically safe to do, because this ain’t it.

I don’t care, at this point, if Lil Nas X rides through the Queen of England’s 100th birthday celebration naked on a horse like Lady F**king Godiva — although if he actually does that, he should shout us out for coming up with the idea — but he’s got five older brothers and a whole lot of friends in Bankhead that don’t play about him. Boosie needs to start researching Medicare Part B plans instead of worrying about what this guy is doing with his career.

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