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Lil Pump Allegedly Owes $1.6 Million In Back Taxes

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The Internal Revenue Service hit Lil Pump with another tax lien, accusing him of owing $1.6 million to the government.

Lil Pump has been accused of owing $1.6 million in back taxes.

According to Radar Online, the Internal Revenue Service is coming after Lil Pump over his 2018 taxes. The IRS hit him with a tax lien after he allegedly failed to pay $1,676,738.65 in taxes.

The feds filed the tax lien against the multi-platinum selling artist’s mansion in Miami. If he fails to pay, the government could start seizing his property.


Lil Pump is no stranger to being scrutinized by the IRS. Earlier this year, the agency filed a tax lien against him for unpaid taxes dating from 2019.

The 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was accused of owing $89,378.69 to the feds. In June, he denied reports about his IRS bill even though court documents confirmed he was on the hook for almost $90,000.

“Listen, do not believe the internet, that s### is all cap breh,” he said in a social media clip.

Lil Pump also boasted about making over $15 million and showed off his jewelry in the video.

“Look, I done made over $15 million,” he said. “You know what the tax bill is on $15 million? B####, $90,000 ain’t s### to me. Stop playing with my body.”

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