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Listen! Cassper Gets Things Off His Chest In His First Hip Hop Track In Over A Year

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Listen! Cassper Gets Things Off His Chest In His First Hip Hop Track In Over A Year. Cassper has finally dropped his highly anticipated hip hop track. Making his return to the SA Hip Hop scene after over a year. It’s not safe to say if Mufaaa has fully returned to the genre yet but he has delivered on the music. Cassper has been speaking about releasing a hip hop track for a while now since he was in London on his Amapiano tour. Fans certainly had their doubts if Cassper would actually drop the track or not but he has kept his word, as, at the stroke of midnight, Pressure was available online.

The release of Pressure has certainly been well received by Cassper Hip Hop fans, they have been longing for a Hip Hop release from him, with some even calling the rapper to come and save “SA Hip Hop”. Cassper has been working on Amapiano music, he even dropped an album Sweet and Short 2.0, earlier this year. The rapper last dropped Hip Hop music in 2020, on his album Any Minute Now. On Pressure, Cassper went strictly Hip Hop and expressed himself as he spoke of various issues pertaining to his life. He opens up about spending too much money in a club in London and then goes on to reveal he has got too much to say.

The beat for the song which is a sort of slow melodic vibe was produced by Oliver King. The beat is just right for Cassper to smoothly flow on and he spits bars about what is going in his life from his son to being sickly, Nadia leaving Family Tree and being fed up with the things people are saying. Cass certainly had a lot to say on the 4 minute and 21 seconds long song and of course used that time to flex in the song about his return putting other artists under pressure. He of course threw in his business venture with Drip Footwear, his sneaker the F990s “a new pair of 990s just to put my whole foot on your ass,” raps Cassper.

In the song, Cassper is certainly taking out his emotions, he is going are felt when a person listens to the track. The track has no features and it’s just the Don expressing his feelings. How fitting, a sign to show his fan, he certainly needs no assistance, as he guns for the throne. For Pressure, Cassper went hard, old school rap and not a song that could possibly be on high rotation on the radio or the clubs, but it is a great way to say I’m back!

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