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Lucasraps Bags A Feature On Snoop Dogg Latest Global Edition Project SA Hip Hop Mag

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Lucasraps Bags A Feature On Snoop Dogg Latest Global Edition Project. “031” To The World Album has gone global and Lucasraps’ fans are overjoyed that he has been recognized by one of the world’s top hip hop musicians. Lucasraps’ signature to Def Jam is proving to be a good thing for the young artist. He might have attracted attention to hip hop followers in South Ah, but bagging a collaboration with one of the big international star is a big deal.

Lucasraps Bags A Feature On Snoop Dogg Latest Global Edition Project

Snoop Dogg announced the release of his new project Global Edition Project with South Africa’s very own rapper Lucasraps secured a feature with one of the biggest US rapper. Lucasraps shared the big news to his hip hop followers via his Twitter page. “God bless my dreams!!!!!” He tweeted.

According to stupiddope.com Lucasraps expressed his gratitude at the same time he revealed the events leading to him getting a feature on Snoop Dogg’s big hip hop project.  “I was called and told that I needed to be in the studio immediately, with no explanation.” “When the beat dropped and I realized it was Snoop’s track, I went insane, and I knew I needed to bring my A-game,” the rapper mentioned.

Lucasraps hip hop cameo has been nothing but a memorable one, the rapper has put out a consistent project in the South Ah hip hop game. His feature with Blxckie on Big Time Sh’lappa made him to get some props from the hip hop fan base in Mzansi. And attracting an international stage is something that was long time coming for Lucasraps.

Congratulations might be showering for the rapper, but Scoop Makhathini shared his concerns towards the rapper. During the PoPCast podcast, Scoop indicated that Lucasraps is not making good decision and he is worried about him. “I’m also scared because, drowning in the ice, the big house, the big car, all of this before the work comes out, it’s scary! I’m not saying it’s not good. I’m saying it’s great. The deals that kids get into very young. You see how most of these deals pan out as an old person or as a mature person judging from what’s happened in history,” a concerned Scoop said.

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