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Makwa Finally Quits Lean, Details His Journey

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Makwa Finally Quits Lean, Details His Journey. Music producer Makwa has been addicted to lean for some time and it seems he has finally managed to kick the habit to the curve. The rapper’s struggle with the popular mixture of codeine and soda has been seen by fans. Previously Nota has tried to get the producer to Makwa to leave the mixture alone. Makwa took to social media to share that quitting lean was not easy but he has finally done it. Makwa was congratulated by individuals such as Cassper Nyovest and Nota for beating his addiction.

It has been several months since Makwa quit lean but now he is using his platform to create awareness about lean. Makwa also used his experience to educate others about the realities of being addicted to lean. Makwa shared that now he is off lean, he is even able to eat more. Makwa also credited the controversial Nota for assisting him in quitting but he clarified that he did it for himself more than anyone else. The hit producer also got candid about the dangers of lean and shared all the withdrawal symptoms he went through. “First signs of stopping lean you’ll have a runny tummy, because codeine constipates your intestines don’t worry let the tummy run to drain the lean, drink more water. Also remember it has too much sugar so diabetes might knock,” shared Makwa.

Makwa also revealed the effects Lean has on a person’s dental health, according to Makwa the mixture makes your teeth rotten and results in bad breath. Feeling sleepy is also another withdrawal symptom that is experienced. ” It also affects your teeth they will be rotten more than anything bad breath is the everyday thing sore throat and your kidneys will always be painful. You’ll always feel sleepy until you don’t and you gonna have to drink it to get some sleep of which your whole body mechanism is fucked up because you’re now going to be dependent on it,” shared Makwa.

The hit producer is not the only artist who has been candid about his usage of the mixture, which has been popularized by rappers like Lil Wayne. During their recent spat, DJ Maphorisa admitted drinking lean when he was depressed. “I used to drink lean the time I was depressed and going through some stuff, so he hasn’t left it, I have. Now he’s taking sh*t about me… If he were to stop taking he’ll be fine,” remarked DJ Maphorisa. Rapper Emtee also has a history with lean.

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