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Makwa Flexes About His Contribution To SA Hip Hop

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Makwa Flexes About His Contribution To SA Hip Hop. Makwa is certainly considered as one of South Ah’s top producers, he has created music that went on to dominate the Hip Hop and music scene in general. His Mzonkonko wave has helped propel the careers of the like of Kwesta to new heights. Songs like Spirit and Ngud’ certainly switched things up in SA music and actually saw the SA Hip Hop charts dominating on radio and the club scene. A person can’t blame Makwa for being proud of his contribution to SA Hip Hop, as he has the accolades for it.

Recently the award-winning producer flexed about his contribution to the game and he asked to be given his roses. Makwa has not stopped working in the Hip Hop streets and isn’t about to stop just yet, after all, he is good at what he does and knows it. “What I did for SA Hip hop can never be undone. And still doing!!!! I’m a Beast in this shii!! Gimme my roses” tweeted Makwa. While some people may not know who Makwa is, they certainly do know his music, especially if you are a Kwesta fan. DJ Jawz certainly agreed with what Makwa had to say and remarked that judging by Makwa’s work ethic, he will still do a lot in Hip Hop.

Makwa is a very busy man, he recently dropped his own project called, 16S91, the first release under his record label, Mzonkonko Records. The album consists of tracks such as Abelungu and Papa Action and is made of 10 songs, just enough to have you hooked to his sound. Because producers tend to be behind the scenes and the frontman like the artist, fans are often not aware of their identities. However, more often artists are giving their producers the spotlight that they deserve for helping them create the bangers that garnered their success.

When hit producer Tweezy had shared that he wasn’t about to let SA Hip Hop die many people were confused as to who he was, coming with such bold claims. “SA Hip Hop can never die for as long as I’m alive,” tweeted Tweezy at the time. Tweezy has produced songs such as Sidlikotini by Riky Rick, Big Dreams by Stogie T and Nasty C’s King ft Asap Ferg. Tweezy fans had to educate those who were not familiar with the award-winning producer on exactly who he was and told them to put some respect on his name.

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