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Makwa Reveals Why He Became His Own CEO

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Makwa Reveals Why He Became His Own CEO. Producer Makwa has learnt a few things in his time in the music industry and the lessons have made him want to become his own boss. The producer took to Twitter to share what he is noticing with record labels. Makwa shared with his followers that he has been getting calls from big record labels who are doing their research.

“Keep signing these deals” laughed the producer in his tweet. Makwa went on to add “the Calls I Get from these big record companies are doing their research now and I’m going to point out the industry snakes.” Makwa in a follow-up tweet shared the reason why he became his own CEO as “you cannot sign a CEO”.

Makwa Drops First EP Under His Record Label Mzonkonko Records

“Imagine Signing a deal when you have pushed and invested in yourself for so long, then you get ewallet or a salary,” tweeted Makwa. The producer recently launched his own record label Mzonkonko Records. In February he released his EP, Okoko under his independent label. Makwa is constantly learning about the music business and has more plans to still keep growing, especially when it comes to Mzonkonko Records.

Makwa had previously revealed that the artist’s who are under his label did not sign a contract and explained that this is because he does not want anything in return from the artists. “All the artists at Mzonkonko Records didn’t sign a contract. I’m helping them and I want nothing from them in return,” tweeted Makwa.

He was congratulated by Sjava on his boss move. “Good day Congratulations to Makwa for starting Mzonkonko Records all the best here is their first offering called ngicela ukuk’khipha it’s out on SoundCloud go get it,” tweeted the rapper at the time.

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