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Marc Scibilia “This Dream” feat. Cory Wong

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Photo Credit: Sean Hagwell

Today we premiere the stirring new single by Marc Scibilia. It precedes the November 13 release of his studio album, Seed of Joy. This is the artist’s first LP since 2015’s Out of Style. Over the intervening years, Scibilia has recorded a number a number of singles as well as the 7th & Christopher EP.

Scibilia reveals that the material on Seed of Joy draws on life’s dualities, in this case the passing of his father and the birth of his daughter.  He explains,  “After a few years of releasing singles, I decided I would compile the best of them into an album. But then my daughter was born and my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, and suddenly I had to put my career on hold in order to be there for my family.”

 “I was watching my father lose his ability to walk at the same time I was watching my daughter take her first steps,” he adds. “I was on these two parallel paths that were so difficult and so beautiful at the same time, and writing music was the only way I knew how to process it.”

“The Dream” which we are premiering today is a poignant, pulsing reflection of these themes. It features a guest appearance by Vulfpeck’s Cory Wong. Scibilia notes, “I’m a big Vulfpeck fan, so to have Cory Wong from the band on this track is a dream. I wrote this song about an afternoon I spent with my dad after he got diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctors had him on all these drugs that made him nearly insane for a period of time. It felt like a bizarre dream for me and I wanted to escape it. Then I had this realization, he wasn’t going to be with us forever and when he’s gone I’ll wish I could be back to this moment.”

Wong adds, “Marc told me he was working on a new album and sent me a tune saying, ‘What do you think of this song? I’m not sure where I’m at with it. I immediately heard some space in the track for some rhythmic guitar textures and told him to let me throw some stuff down to see if it got him to the finish line on the tune. I sent him the guitar parts back and it was fun to hear how excited he was about the track. Collaboration is a fun thing because when you work with another artist, they draw something different out of you and they add different spices to the recipe that you wouldn’t have thought to add yourself. I’m really happy to be a part of this project!”

Today at 5 PM CT Scibilia will debut some of the material on the new album, via the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville Instagram.

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