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Marilyn Manson’s Rap Grammy Nomination with Ye Yanked

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Marilyn Manson was pulled as a Grammy nominee for Best Rap Album category after putting in work with Kanye West on his hit album “DONDA.”

The rock star Marilyn Manson will no longer be included on the GRAMMY the best rap song nomination with Kanye West for the song, “Jail” off his latest album, titled after the rapper’s mother, DONDA.

Manson was dropped from the list off a technicality.

The record that he co-wrote on was actually “Jail pt. 2.” This song, which also features the North Carolina rapper DaBaby, has been ruled by The Academy to be a separate song.


According to Billboard, the one that is being considered in the version played at the very first listening experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

As reported by AllHipHop.com Jay-Z hopped on the track a few hours before the epic listening party.

Hov’s verse was layered, and GRAMMY-worthy, as he spits, “God in my cells, that’s my celly/ Made in the image of God, that’s a selfie. Pray five times a day/ so many felonies. Who gon’ post my bail? Lord, help me/ Hol’ up, Donda, I’m with your baby when I touched Rome/ Told ’em stop all of that red cap, we goin’ home/ Not bein’ with all of these sins, cast the stones/ This might be the return of the throne.”

Don’t feel bad for Manson. He will still be considered for the Best Album GRAMMY award, as “Jail pt. 2” appears on the album and is nominated in that category.

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