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Masandi – Amagate Mp3 Download

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Masandi Amagate

Masandi – Amagate

R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Masandi has released a brand new single ‘Amagate’, which means gates in isiZulu.

After a hiatus of self-discovery and introspection, Masandi returns with a beautifully crafted single that features sing-along melodies.

Amagate is the first single which covers a new musical approach from Masandi. The lyrics, loosely translated are about having the ‘gates opened’ (easing of lockdown restrictions) so everyone can go out and have a good time

‘Amagate’ sees Masandi borrow from Afro sounds to give us a summer smash about longing to dance in the Summertime.

The song is also a metaphoric expression of Masandi’s decision to break out of Afro-pop and move into the Inspirational space, following a pact he made with God after a life-threatening car crash left him pleading for his life.

The song is about us getting back to living and experiencing life to its fullest. It’s about good times, good vibes and simply making the most of our freedom,” says Masandi.

‘AMAGATE’ Is out now – stream or download HERE.

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