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MashBeatz Takes A Swipe At A-Reece’s New Track “thE confrontatioN” SA Hip Hop Mag

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MashBeatz Takes A Swipe At A-Reece’s New Track “thE confrontatioN.” MashBeatz has established himself as one of Mzansi’s favorite producers. And, while this brings him some affection from his fans, he is not exempted to the hatred that may emerge from the hip hop feud, as he recently discovered. Earlier this year, the rapper was accused of feuding with A-Reece, his long-term music partner and adviser. The two have a number of songs together and have long been considered as one of the top hip hop pairings in the country whenever they collaborate.

MashBeatz Takes A Swipe At A-Reece’s New Track “thE confrontatioN”

A-Reece just released a new joint album with his brother Jay Jody, which has received nothing but positive feedback from fans around Mzansi. There is no doubt that the Pretoria rapper is regarded as a lyrical genius in the rap game, hence its not surprising that the album received thumps up from the slimes.

Nonetheless, to ignite their beef, Mashbeatz went on and shared his two cents regarding A-Recee’s song “thE confrontatioN.” He stated that he believed the song was garbage, which, as you can imagine, infuriated A-Reece’s followers. “THERE’S 2 SIDES THOUGH … AND THAT NEW SHIT IS TRASH

The producer went on and denounce A-Reece’s song” thE confrontatioN” highlighting that the rapper must change the way he makes his music because its becoming all predictable and boring. “I’M REALLY TRYNNA MAKE DOPE $HIT & FEED MY FAMILY PLEASE, IT’S NO CONFRONTATION TO ME IF YOU CAN’T EVEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE AT LEAST CHANGE YOUR ROLLOUT PLAN CAUSE DISSING NIGGAS & PLAYING VICTIM EVERY YEAR IS NOT PROGRESS. IT’S TOO PREDICTABLE NOW.” he tweeted.

Before A-Reece and Mashbeaz had a dispute they have managed to work together in the rap game. They have collaborated on several projects, with A-Reece appearing on MashBeatz’ albums as well.

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