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Mother Kills Toddler for Interrupting Her Sex Time with Boyfriend

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23-year-old mom, who text the boyfriend that she was gonna kill the baby for soiling her diaper, will be jailed and not see the light of day until she is almost 40.

She needs to be locked under the jail.

Nicola Priest, a white British woman, has recently been convicted of killing her three-year-old daughter, Kaylee-Jayde, weeks after making her dance on TikTok to gain followers.

The 23-year-old mother will not see the light of day until she is 38, as a Birmingham Crown Court has sentenced her to 13 years in jail for the death of the baby, and her boyfriend, Callum Redfern who is 22, got hit with 14 years.

According to Express Co. UK, the authorities believe that savagely beat the child, causing injury to her brain and puncturing her lung, for interrupting them while they were having sex last summer. The child was found dead in their home on August 9, 2020 — almost to the date of her parent(s) conviction— from what the courts called a “sustained and ferocious assault.”


More infuriating, the Gen-Zer only called the police after the toddler had expired.

Mr. Justice Foxton QC outlined the horrific ordeal to the court, in the hearing of the two perpetrators, “On the evening of August 8 you Redfern went to Priest’s flat. The two of you went to have sex. Kaylee wanted to stay up and play.”

“There is no direct evidence of what happened next,” he continued. “Kaylee was sick more than once during the night as a result of the severe beating. You lost your tempers, and it is clear you were joint participants in that assault. You both knew you had seriously injured Kaylee. You, Priest, did nothing to seek medical help. A prompt call could have saved Kaylee’s life. You both lied repeatedly during interviews.”


She thought it would be cute in one video to guide the child in dance steps, moving her head from left to right in sync with the music. In a second one, the lady tries to get the child to imitate her dance moves by grabbing her hand.

According to the site, Priest also received a concurrent three-year sentence for child cruelty.

S.I.P. Princess Kaylee, poor thing, didn’t have a chance.

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