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“Motherf*ckers Are Ungrateful,” Cassper Explains Why He Stopped Signing Artists To Family Tree

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“Motherf*ckers Are Ungrateful,” Cassper Explains Why He Stopped Signing Artists To Family Tree. Rapper, businessman and TV presenter Cassper Nyovest in 2014, established his very own record label, Family Tree Records. The stable at one point had acts such as Nadia Nakai, Tshego, Gemini Major and Chad da Don signed to it however currently Cassper is the only artist left at the label. Nadia was the last artist to depart from the label, she announced her departure earlier this year. Each artist left the record label for various reasons as they all strived for growth.

Cassper Nyovest a while back had admitted that he would no longer be signing artists on his label and would rather hire producers and engineers first on his label. He had shared that he would only sign an artist that would change his mind and he has yet to discover someone to change his mind. The rapper was recently asked by a Twitter user when was the last time Family Tree produced a new artist or rapper and in his response, Cassper revealed why his record label stopped signed artists and it was quite a loaded response, as the rapper said that “Motherf*ckers Are Ungrateful”.

In his response, Cassper also added that he is the only artist on his label and he reiterated that wouldn’t be signing any artists. He shared that he would however be sending out verses to new kids to help boost their careers, but they shouldn’t expect to be signed to his label. “I’m the only artist on my label. I will send verses out to new kids to help boost their careers but signing is a nono.” he added. Cassper did not point fingers at any specific person but it seems he is tired of all the drama that comes with a record label boss. “Tomorrow ba go roga nkate you ain’t out niggas on. Ke lapile nna,” he also remarked.

Nadia’s departure from the label, was certainly without drama even though Cassper was a tad heartbroken when Nadia broke the news to him that she would be leaving the label. The two are however still on good terms and have indicated that it will always be love between them. Tshego’s split from Family Tree, however, on the other hand, had a bit of drama, as Tshego even pursued a legal battle with the label, for unpaid royalties. Tshego had revealed that he hadn’t received money for his music released under the label, he later revealed that he won the legal matter.

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