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MR.BLACK & Gproject debut first Ape anthem with major NFT community

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Premiere: MR.BLACK & Gproject debut first Ape NFT anthem for ‘Desperate ApeWives’: Listen

Premiering right here at We Rave You, the Desperate ApeWives official anthem looks to further cement the up and coming connection between the electronic dance industry and the metaverse. A collaboration as groundbreaking as the next one, NFT’s have well and truly entered our lives, as superstar DJ’s waste no time at following the hype surrounding this new era of music, blockchain and gaming.

First played during the Art Basel via Miami Art Week, the ‘Desperate ApeWives Anthem‘ is regarded as the corner stone of what is yet to come, with the ultimate goal being the bridge of the NFT space with that of the business and physical world. Enlisted for the curation of this trailblazing project, is no other than one of the dance industry’s most renowned producers and entrepreneurs in the form of MR.BLACK, with fellow Israeli producer duo Gproject completing the ultimate collaboration. In addition to the production of this certified hit, both MR.BLACK and Gproject, as well as the Desperate ApeWives (DAW) NFT venture have co-founded the pioneering record label, DAW Music.

With an initial goal of debuting, promoting and distributing the ‘Desperate ApeWives Anthem,’ we are more than certain that this track will have listeners begging for more from the off set. Having previously joined forces for the releases of ‘We Are One‘ and ‘Power To The People,’ it is more than evident that MR.BLACK and Gproject are a match made in heaven, as the combination of their individual brilliance can only further elevate the end product. Firmly cemented as a leading name within the dance scene, MR.BLACK has garnered support by some of the biggest names within our community, whilst his unique production style further enhances his presence on the daily. In similar fashion, Gproject have been rapidly making a name for themselves in the dance scene, and if this latest venture is anything to go by, we are more than certain of their immanent rise to the top.

Taking on the hottest project in the current market, this latest initiative a solid statement on the evolution of the dance industry and not only. With DAW a collection of 10.000 Desperate ApeWives NFT’s living on the Ethereum blockchain, it comes to no surprise that the main inspiration behind this project is no other than the award winning television series ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Teaming up with the DAW NFT brand further showcases the ambition of both MR.BLACK and Gproject, with the former having designed custom ApeWives NFT’s that can be used by the artist’s as their face and icon within the digital sphere.

A truly extraordinary opportunity for everyone involved, we cannot wait for what’s to come from this unique venture. In the meantime, make sure to check out the official ‘Desperate ApeWives Anthem’ below, as this latest collaboration is one for the history books. A true masterpiece of a track, both MR.BLACK and the Gproject have implemented their sound(s) to perfection, with listeners set to embark on the most unique of journeys. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Desperate ApeWives

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