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Mrzeefosho Releases Music Video For ‘Top Tish’!

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Mrzeefosho Releases Music Video For ‘Top Tish’! Top Tish is Mrzeefosho’s first official single after a couple of years hiatus since dropping his two mixtapes, ‘Too Short To Give Up’ and ‘Too Short To Give Up 2’.

The rapper spoke on the new single’s visuals and the thought process behind it saying that the song is too emotional for him which is one of the reasons he chose not to appear in the music video. Mrzeefosho got candid revealing that sometimes he cries when listening to the song.

Top Tish‘ was produced by his friend Molemo Leeuw. On the single, the rapper talks about breaking up with his girlfriend and moving from lower stages to higher stages in life, all about working hard to get nicer things.The loneliness shown on the video also tells a story about losing some people he was close with because of a few reasons he cannot share. On his current relationship status, Mrzeefosho did not disclose opting to not answer the question.

Watch ‘Top Tish’ visuals below:

More music can be expected from Mrzeefosho as early as next year, 2022. He feels ready after dealing with all his personal issues. The rapper says he feels more energetic and certain that he is done crushing all the negative energy around him.

Before dropping ‘Top Tish’, he also released a song on Soundcloud titled ‘Aunty E’, which he says is about a bad Aunty.Check it out on the link below.

Too Short To Give Up 2: https://m.soundcloud.com/seventhirtyworld/sets/too-short-to-give-up-2

Aunty E: https://m.soundcloud.com/mrzeefosho/aunty-e

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