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Ms Cosmo Reveals Her Thoughts On The Slimes Claiming A-Reece Is Subbing Her On New Track

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Ms Cosmo Reveals Her Thoughts On The Slimes Claiming A-Reece Is Subbing Her On New Track. Fans are known to go hard for their favourite artists. Rapper A-Reece fan base when it comes to A-Reece are always prepared to defend the rapper. Ms Cosmo is an outspoken personality especially when it comes to matters concerning SA Hip Hop. Some of her comments have not always sat well with A-Reece’s fanbase, the Slimes and she has had to deal with them flooding her comments.

A-Reece recently dropped a collaboration with his brother Jay Jody. The two teamed up as Blue Tape to drop a song called, Ridiculous. On the latest episode of POPcast, Ms Cosmo and her co-hosts, Muchi (Sipho Snaps) and DJ Sabby shared their ratings on the songs. Ms Cosmo thought the song was flaming hot and also addressed the Slimes in her response to the song. “Also thought it was a fire song, also thought the way they came together the cadences, the back and forth that they had on the song really dope,” shared Ms Cosmo.

“Obviously, the trolls are saying that the song was about me ukuthi did I hear where he mentioned the blogs talk about me what what. Dog, I know where I sit with how I think Aries is a dope rapper. I think he’s is an amazing rapper and here you go, flaming hot, Shout out,” remarked Ms Cosmo. Even Muchi commented that he wanted to maintain peace on social media because he knows how A-Reece fans are able to disrupt things. “Let me tell you something about A-Reece even if A-Reece makes a bad song, the last thing I’ll ever take a chance on is saying something bad about it because I like my peace because one thing about A-Reece fans they will find you doesn’t matter where you are, they will find you, they’ll find your family, they’ll find everyone you love. But this was easy because it’s definitely a flaming hot song, “shared Muchi.

A-Reece fans are always interpreting the things the rapper says or does, most recently they interpreted a video clip he shared on social media as a jab to Priddy Ugly. Speculation was floating around that the two rappers are beefing with each other, however, it does seems that it has just been about the music. A-Reece had revealed that he had referenced the movie, The Gentlemen and not Priddy Ugly 2015 video.

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