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Music Shapes the Way We Gamble

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Music Shapes the Way We Gamble

Music has been an integral part of our lives since ancient times. No matter if we’re feeling sad or happy, mourning, celebrating, or partying, music can affect our mood.

For example, while a study found that sad music can cause profound grief, some research suggests that it also has the ability to lift our mood. It comes as no surprise that using high-tempo music while exercising can motivate us to work harder, while some instrumental tracks can be useful when trying to focus on work or school tasks.

But how does music influence the way we gamble? Read on.

A staple in land-based casinos

For starters, it’s well-known that we can’t find a brick-and-mortar casino that doesn’t play music to appeal to its visitors. The owners and managers are aware of the effects that music can have on our psyche, and they use it to their advantage. All land-based venues play tracks on speakers (some even live) to create an atmosphere that players want to be a part of and that will influence them to place a few bets.

While casinos have done various research on which music works best, players often pay no attention to the background music, even though it can affect their gambling habits in various ways. Casinos don’t leave anything to chance, as they adjust the drinks, games, lights, and music to appeal to players to have them spend as much time in the venue as possible.

They are quite familiar with the fact that fast-tempo music will make us excited and more likely to make risky decisions. That is why we can often hear electronic or techno music in land-based establishments. Popular artists like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Tiësto are often heard captivating the players and encouraging them to bet more.

On the other hand, casinos also know that many people can’t spend too much time in a loud environment, which is why they often play some smooth jams that players can relax to and spend more time in the establishment. Moreover, as there are separate rooms where long high-stakes matches are played, these settings are complemented with slower tempo, ranging from piano instrumentals to lounge and soft rock songs. Slow-paced music allows us to relax and carefully think about the move we plan on making next.

Listening while playing from home

However, land-based casinos are seeing a lot of competition from online operators. Popular even before the worldwide pandemic, online casinos offer a completely different approach to gambling. Players are now able to place wagers from the comfort of their own home, without worrying about noise and crowded places, or even traveling to a different city in case there are no land-based casinos where they live. Moreover, the variety of banking options also means that money can be deposited and withdrawn within minutes without ever leaving their home.

Online Casinos Create a Winning Atmosphere

When it comes to music and the atmosphere, there are platforms that offer background music. While websites use it to make their games appealing and fun for players, they are also making the most of the effect that music can have on our mood. They know exactly what kind of music suits which types of games.

So, for instance, when playing slots games and especially progressive slots, we can hear carefully designed music that will keep us motivated to play longer. Plus, in case we hit the jackpot, we will hear the victorious ringing sound that lifts our mood so nicely. To see it for yourself, you can try it here and test how you like their tunes.


Another big benefit of playing from home is the ability to create our own atmosphere. While casinos have a generalized approach to music, we can choose exactly what we want to listen to when playing these kinds of games. Now, even though it’s true that fast-tempo music is great when we need to be hyped up, getting to play the songs we like has an even bigger advantage.

Of course, if we’re playing a long game, we need to pace ourselves. With that in mind, we want something slower that will not encourage us to make impulsive decisions. So, no matter if we prefer classical stuff, some low-fi beats that let us focus, or even some soft pop, the music should help us relax and plan for the long haul.

Casinos are well-aware of the fact that playing games in silence can be very boring. While slow-paced games that require concentration like poker are best complemented with smooth and slow jams, fast-tempo music is often used when players need to make fast decisions. No matter if you play in a land-based casino or from home, keep in mind the effects that music can have on your betting behavior.


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