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Nasty C Loses Out On BET Hip Hop Award

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Nasty C Loses Out On BET Hip Hop Award. The 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards took place on Wednesday in Atlanta and the ceremony celebrated some of the biggest names in US Hip Hop. American rappers Cardi B, Tyler the Creator, Lil Baby and J Cole were amongst the nights biggest winners. South Ahh’s very own Nasty C was up for an award for his stellar flow. Nasty C was nominated in the Best International Flow category. This is a category that recognises talent from across the world, artists from Nigeria, Brazil, France and the UK were nominated.

Unfortunately, the third time was not a charm for Africa’s coolest kid, as once again was unable to win the award. . The United Kingdom’s Little Simz walked away victorious. Eyes were locked to see if Nasty C would walk away with the award, especially since it was his third time being nominated. Nasty C was first nominated for the award in 2019 and later in 2020. While being nominated is an achievement itself, many were hoping Nasty C would finally clinch the award.

Nasty C may not pay much attention to his awards himself but he values them because he understands how much they mean to his fans. In an interview with a Kenyan TV show, Chatspot, Nasty C explained how he feels about awards.  “Awards to me as Nasty C don’t really mean that much right. I value them because they mean the world to my fans because my fans are the guys that sit at home and they watch the whole show, my fans are the ones that use their own airtime to vote for me and stuff like that.” remarked Nasty C.

“But for me, I’m not going to let someone who doesn’t make music, doesn’t understand what it takes for me to make a song, doesn’t understand the hours that I put into making these songs and the emotion that I put into it, me sharing my personal stories. I’m not going to let that person judge how good my music is against some other guy who I don’t even know,” added the rapper.

One person who won’t be too surprised with Nasty C, not winning the award is Nota Baloyi. The outspoken personality had remarked during an episode of his podcast, Everybody Hates Nota, that Focalistic should have been nominated rather than Nasty C. “Why isn’t Focalisitic nominated for Best International Flow. Why the fuck is Nasty nominated not Focalisitic. The fucken hottest MC. MTV you guys are Viacom, why would you send Nasty to the BETs. It’s because you guys are trying to erase what was done with the hottest MC’s list. Focalisitic is fucken supposed to be there man,” remarked Nota.

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