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Nasty C Teases Fans With The Possibility Of A Hidden Message About Kamo Mphela In New Single ‘Why Me’

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Nasty C Teases Fans With The Possibility Of A Hidden Message About Kamo Mphela In New Single ‘Why Me’. Nasty C features on Audiomarc’s new single, Why Me. The award-winning rapper is joined by Blxckie on the track. This is not the first time Nasty C and Blxckie have worked together, they previously collaborated on Blxckie’s smash hit Ye x4. Audiomarc is Nasty C’s official DJ and this is his third time working with Nasty C on music. Audiomarc has worked with Nasty C on his tracks called, Audio Czzle and Catch It. Why Me, is currently performing very well on digital platforms. Nasty C is known for pulling his fans legs, recently teased fans about a hidden message in the song about Amapiano star, Kamo Mphela.

Nasty C took to social media to share a few snaps of himself along with Audiomarc from the weekend. He captioned the images with three different statements and told his fans that one of them is a fact. Two of the statements were jokes about Audiomarc and the one spoke about dancer and amapiano star Kamo Mphela. The Zulu Man With Some Power shared that if fans play Why Me, backwards they will hear a hidden message about the Nkulunkulu hitmaker. “If u play #WhyMe backwards, you will hear a hidden message.. it’s about @Kamo_mphelaxx wrote Nasty C. The award-winning rapper had all his fans speculating as to whether this was true or not.

The track mentions a “Mbali”, which had one fan wondering if that was the reference to Kamo Mphela. Fans however weren’t too convinced about this being the case as they were not sure about how they were supposed to listen to the track in reverse. The track, Why Me, is already on 100 000 streams on the digital platform Audiomack. The single is Audiomarc’s first official drop of the year. The producer and DJ has become vocal on matters concerning SA Hip Hop, he most recently shared his thoughts on a recent cypher that aired on BET Africa.

BET Africa has always broadcast Hip Hop cyphers, however this year, an Amapiano Hip Hop cypher was broadcast. The cypher featured Amapiano artists Young Stunna, Buxxi Lee and Reason, the cypher received backlash for its title and Reason’s participation was not too well received. Audiomarc was not too pleased with the cypher and shared that if that is what the channel thinks is the best representation of SA Hip Hop in 2021, then the plot is being lost. Things in SA Hip Hop are happening but not everyone is ready for the changes.

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