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Nero announce they are releasing a third studio album

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Nero announce they are working on highly anticipated third studio album

The Grammy award-winning British DJ and producing trio Nero have sent fans and listeners alike into a spiral of anticipation as they announce they are working on releasing a third album. The announcement came as the band took to social media with a post that marked the anniversary of their first album ‘Welcome Reality’, which was released 10 years ago today. The post also of course revealed they were working on their next studio album, featuring a screenshot of a folder titled ‘Nero 3rd album demos’.

Being the first album from Nero since their 2-year hiatus, with this album being a follow up for the infamousBetween II Worlds’ LP which was released in 2015. This tease didn’t really contain much more details, with no name or release date mentioned, however, this did not stop the post from going viral with an explosion of comments and theories. One small detail that was picked up by fans was the folder screenshot containing 12 items which have led many to believe the album will contain of course, 12 tracks.

The news of new music has been very welcomed by fans as the trio haven’t done much musically since the return from their hiatus, with them breaking the hiatus back in march of this year when they released a stunning edit of the iconic Daft Punk‘s ‘Emotion‘ and another edit of the classic Frankie Goes To Hollywood track Relax’We’re sure everyone is extremely hyped for this brand new album from Nero, and make sure to stay locked to We Rave You to catch future news as soon as it breaks.

Image Credit: Nero (via Facebook)

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