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New indie label, Hilife Music tags Tai for introspective debut single ‘Stuck On Life’

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From busking in London subways, to back up dancing for Pop and R&B bands from the ’80s through to the 90’s, to art, fashion and design, Tina Atiemo, a serial creative, now finds herself at the helm of HILIFE MUSIC – an indie label she founded merely by default leading to ‘Stuck on Life’ new single.

Inspired out of the blue by sounds of hooks streaming from a trove in her mind, Tina felt guided by the flow of rhythms leading her onto the music path.

The new release and debut single ‘Stuck on Life’, is her co-production with Mo Samuels, one half of Sons of Sonix (Justin Bieber, Stormzy, Ariana Grande) and featuring singer and songwriter, Tai.

The song is about conversations with our inner voice and learning to trust our intuition with our gut feeling.

The voice never fails us with decisions which we, the tenants of our hearts, must make. ‘’So, do you or don’t you? Will you or won’t you?’’ What would you choose?

‘Stuck on Life’ is out now and available across all digital streaming platforms globally

Instagram: hilifemusic Twitter: @hilifemusic Facebook: HILIFE MUSIC

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