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Noah Kahan Links With mxmtoon For “Pride”

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Noah Kahan has released a new EP he wrote and recorded during quarantine.

Now, here’s a special treat! Noah Kahan makes a welcome return to New Music Friday with “Pride” featuring fellow singer/songwriter mxmtoon. Produced by Alexander 23, the duet is a very modern look at breakups. “I’m wondering why you cut me off, don’t leave me alone with all my thoughts,” Noah begins. “I’m remembering when you used to say we could always talk, even if all we had was lost.” mxmtoon is similarly going through it. “You’re not in my head, you’re under my skin and in my blood,” she sings. “I don’t know why I care so much.”

How are they so sure that they have been wronged? Or at least ignored? Social media. “You don’t have to call, cuz the photos say it all,” Noah and mxmtoon harmonize. “I see you’re letting your hair down, taking all your new friends out.” The result of that treatment? “It hurts my pride just a little, yes I die just a little, every time.” I think we can all agree that seeing someone move on in real time is its own special kind of hell. Listen to the relatable, deceptively catchy tune below.

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