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Nota Discloses The Reason Why He Fought With Stogie T SA Hip Hop Mag

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Nota Discloses The Reason Why He Fought With Stogie T. Nota Baloyi, a former music promoter, claimed he made renowned hip hop artist Stogie T ‘feed the tiles’ after the duo got into a fight at a hip-hop event. After the brawl took place, Nota went on an Instagram Live and shared the reason why he had to fight with Stogie T. Nota claimed that Stogie T allegedly assaulted an unknown lady in a previous incident.

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Nota Discloses The Reason Why He Fought With Stogie T

As most thought that the two have buried the hatchet, it seems to be not the case with Nota. The controversial Baloyi took to Twitter and revealed more insight on why he got into a fight with Stogie T.I kicked Stogie T’s a$$ so that kids will grow up knowing it’s not cool to be an American wannabe!” Tweeted Nota.

In the wake of this fight, Stogie T released a statement and shared his side of the story highlighting what really transpired that night. The rapper indicated that he regret everything that happened since Nota was aiming to destroy his reputation along with his family.

“Yesterday at an event touted as bringing hip hop together for the love of the culture, I was minding my own business when Nota encroached my section. I interpreted this as a provocation and gestured for him to leave and an unfortunate fracas ensued.

“Nota Baloyi has made a name for himself by slandering various creatives in the arts and culture space, with the particular vitriol reserved for me.” “I regret that it had to get to all that and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to my wife, my family, my church, and the hip-hop community.” Read the statement.

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