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Nota Issues An Apology To Slikour For False Accusations Made On Instagram

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Nota Issues An Apology To Slikour For False Accusations Made On Instagram. Nota Baloyi over his career has bumped heads with several South Ah personalities. His controversial comments have resulted in him becoming a trending topic on social media. His former business associates have opted to distance themselves from Nota, to run away from the heat that comes along with Nota. There are very few individuals that have not yet experienced being the subject of Nota’s popular rants, that have landed him in trouble over the years. Nota recently made headlines for his brawl with Stogie T and now he is issuing out apologies.

Music executive Nota Baloyi is no stranger to receiving letters from attorneys from SA artists that he has offended with his controversial views and it seems he recently received one that had him ready to make amends. Nota recently took to his Instagram page, to issue an apology to rapper and music journalist, Slikour for comments he made during an interview. Nota posted a picture of his apology, which seems to be written on a word or note document, in his caption, Nota tagged Slikour and turned off the comments. Nota has his followers squinting to read his public apology as he opted to use a small font size.

“I Nota, unequivocally apologize to Slikour for the false allegations and offensive insults made during my interview on @everythingsamusic’s Instagram account entitled #Nota attacks #Slikour. I acknowledge that the false accusations I made were not based on facts and were extremely hurtful. I apologize unreservedly for any harm caused to Slikour as a result of insulting utterances,” read Nota’s apology. Nota has in the past spoken some extremely hurtful things about Slikour, swore at him even and also spoke badly about his media publication, Slikour On Life, and it seems Slikour did not take the comments lightly.

“I’ve spoken to him about this, and I told him go f*ck yourself . The last text message I sent to Slikour was saying go f*ck yourself. I told him this over the phone, I said you’re a f*cking c*nt and I’ll say it anywhere and everywhere and there’s nothing Slikour can f*cking do about that. He’s a f*cking c*nt! And I will say that, and he’ll have to come and call me and beg for mercy and apologize and correct himself but I’ll call him about for being c*nt, cause he’s a c*nt“, ranted Nota in an Instagram Live in June this year

“You can’t build Slikour On Life and that business taking credit for other people’s work. You’re a f*cking c*nt for doing that! You’re feeding your kids without giving me my due credit, why are you doing that?“ he went on to add.

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