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Nota Reacts To A-Reece Scooping #SAHHA Lyricist Of The Year SA Hip Hop Mag

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Nota Reacts To A-Reece Scooping #SAHHA Lyricist Of The Year. Nota is always caught up in the midst of controversy mostly in the Mzansi entertainment industry and SA hip hop is not an exemption. Most SA rappers have felt the scrutiny of Nota towards their music and their rap style. With the just ended SA Hip Hop Awards, Nota the cultural commentator and music insider could not resist an opportunity to share his own two cents towards the winners of the night.

Nota Reacts To A-Reece Scooping #SAHHA Lyricist Of The Year

Taking to his Instagram, Nota shared his thoughts towards the SA Hip hop Lyricists Award which was won by A-Reece. Despite Nota being always on A-Reece’s case and always have something to say towards TheBoyDoingThings, this time around he went on and shared some insights towards A-Reece winning the SA Hip Hop Lyricist Of The Year Award.

“This is the award that means the most… Glad he’s won it before. So now it can be retired. We need a best vernacular song writer award!” He wrote.

A-Reece has been criticized by Nota for inheriting an American rapping style. Nota was talking on MacG Podcast and Chill and he said; “unless they both start truly representing South African hip hop they must both die. What I am saying is this, if you do not grow, be stagnant and stay with your cult following it sucks.” He was referring to A-Reece and Nasty C.

Despite gaining a cult-like following among his ever-loyal fan base, A-Reece chooses to walk away from the limelight and remain distant. The rapper has normalized to do the talking through his music unlike other rappers who fend their beefs even on social media.

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