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Oscar and the Wolf releases emotive new album ‘The Shimmer’

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Oscar and the Wolf releases new album ‘The Shimmer’: Listen

Oscar and the Wolf, AKA Belgium’s Max Colombie, is an artist looking to infect the world with his hauntingly unique take on the darker side of pop, and he’s succeeding. Now, he releases his third studio album titled ‘The Shimmer.’

A concoction of contemporary R&B and European electro-pop: this is what you will find within Oscar and the Wolf’s music. Debuting in 2012, he has been on an upwards trajectory ever since, truly coming to life even more so in 2014 with his debut album ‘Entity‘ going platinum in Belgium. A true rising star who is due to become a household name at any moment now, Adding to his ever-growing discography, ‘The Shimmer’ acts as more of a look into who he is as an artist, and he holds nothing back on this album.

Explaining more, he states:

“I’m really happy with The Shimmer because I hear a more mature version of myself. I always want things to grow, and I’m proud that I allowed myself to not follow people’s expectations and reproduce what had been successful before. There are no four-to-the-floor clubby pop songs this time. […] My emotions run from super-happy to super-melancholic in a split second. To me, The Shimmer feels like the soundtrack to a blockbuster, with many types of tracks and themes. It’s always changing.”

From the lead single ‘James‘ (who Oscar and the Wolf explains was named after his nephew, born on the day that it was recorded) to ‘Ghost of You‘ and all the other tracks in between, the artist showcases his natural and raw self and expresses emotions that everyone can relate to, in turn showing more of his life and his thoughts and feelings through his art. Going full instrumental on piano-led ‘The P.I.C.’ (which stands for people in charge) and baring all on title track ‘The Shimmer,’ every single track on the 11-track LP deserves to be heard loud and boldly to truly connect with the raw emotions and beauty.

‘The Shimmer’ is a love letter to Colombie’s life, experiences, thoughts and emotions and is out now for the world to enjoy.

Image credit: Marie Wynants 

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