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Park Soo Young (Lizzy) Receives Fine For Drunk Driving Accident

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Park Soo Young (Lizzy) has received a fine for causing a car accident while driving under the influence.

On May 18 at approximately 10 p.m. KST, Park Soo Young ran into a taxi while driving under the influence in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Seoul’s Gangnam district. Her blood alcohol level at the time was over 0.08 percent, which is enough to have her driver’s license revoked.

She was initially indicted without detention for violating the Road Traffic Act by driving under the influence. The police later considered the fact that the taxi driver had been injured to the extent of needing two weeks of treatment for full recovery and added the charge of dangerous driving under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes.

In her first hearing held last month, the prosecution requested a one-year prison sentence.

During the trial held today on October 28, the Seoul Central District Court issued Park Soo Young a fine of 15 million won (approximately $12,790).

The court stated, “While the defendant was intoxicated and in a state in which she could not drive normally, she caused a car accident that injured the victim. Her blood alcohol level was also high, and a punishment that suits these factors was needed.”

They continued, “We took into consideration the fact that it is the defendant’s first-time offense, that the victim’s injury is minor, and that the defendant handed her car over to display her determination to prevent the offense from reoccurring.”

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