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Patapaa replies Amerado; claims it will take him a decade to get a hit like ‘One Corner’ | Ghana Music

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In commenting on a line in Amerado’s The Throne – a diss song to Obibini, Patapaa says it will take Amerado more than a decade to get a hit song like his ‘One Corner’.

Amerado replying to Obibini with a diss song said he wouldn’t be relevant some time to come like songs of Patapaa and that seems not to have gone down well with Patapaa, hence, he has reacted with a warning to Amerado to stay in his lane and not cross over to his.

Patapaa warned Amerado to focus on climbing his own ladder claiming it will take him more than a decade to get a hit song like ‘one corner asking him not to drag him into any situation with anyone by using him as a case study to slam someone else.

According to Patapaa, what Amerado said using his song as an example is a weak punch and not a diss to him shaming him that he has suffered and got a little hype and he’s coming to fool with it by dissing people who have nothing to do with his beef with Obinini.

We guess Amerado never planned to shade Patapaa but was only trying to use his songs to prove a point and unfortunately he has taken it the wrong way and has warned him to stay in his lane claiming it will take him a decade to get a hit song like ‘one corner.

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