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Pics! Cassper Finally Finishes Building His Home Recording Studio SA Hip Hop Mag

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Pics! Cassper Finally Finishes Building His Home Recording Studio. Cassper Nyovest had plans to build a home recording studio, but during the course of building, the rapper encountered a slew of mishaps. These setbacks led to the delay of rapper’s Family Tree Recording Studio to come to fruition. The Baby Girl hit maker once mentioned that the construction of the studio was not going according to plan indicating that he had already spent R500,000.

Cassper resorted to social media in 2019 to complain about being “scammed” and being placed in a miserable situation after the construction company stole his money. “The architect is making a plan to finish the studio while I pursue the money the other dude ran off with. Ai but people are lit,” he said.

Pics! Cassper Finally Finishes Building His Home Recording Studio

Nonetheless, the wait is finally over for the completion of Cassper Nyovest Family Tree recording studio. The rapper shared the good looking studio pictures on his Twitter page with a caption; “Family Tree Studios Ⓒ 2021.” Tweeted Cassper.

This project seemed to have been a tiring one for the rapper since he came across different obstacles until the accomplishment of the studio. Not only was he dubbed with the constructors, but he was also duped of the studio equipment.

Paid a dude 120k for sound-proofing that didn’t work. Had to break the sh*t down again and get another guy to start from scratch, from a floating floor to a room in a room. “Another 275k just on sound-proofing. I still need to do the acoustics. Stress!” Tweeted Cassper.

The rapper has also mentioned that the new studio is where he will be making all his music and gone are the days he used to rent a working space. And it looks like its a dream come true for Cassper Nyovest and The Family Tree crew. “It’s been one of my dreams to BUILD and not rent a working space that allows me to create in a way where I don’t have to tell my friends/peers to keep the noise low or have the neighbors complain about noise. It’s finally happening!!! FAMILY TREE STUDIOS Coming soon!!! EMPIRE!!!” Tweeted Cassper.

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