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Pics! Cassper Reveals His Ideal Combo Of Cars

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Pics! Cassper Reveals His Ideal Combo Of Cars. Cassper Nyovest’s car garage houses some of the most luxurious cars, the rapper is known to drive around in Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s. The rapper recently revealed his idea car that would be in his garage and of course it was nothing but the finest of vehicles. One would certainly describe Cassper as a car enthusiast, as he has never been shy to speak of his fine taste when it comes to wheels. Cassper’s ideal combination of cars features a bit of everything, a sports car, a car for when he is on the road and of course, a big boss vehicle.

Cassper images of a Rolls-Royce, a Bentley, a McLaren and a pimped out Mercedes V-Class. In the past Cassper has flexed owning a Bentley, he given gifted himself one for his 30th birthday. It is unclear how many cars, Cassper actually owns, like he says with him you can never know. Mufasa in response to a fan joked about how many of his combos does he own. “You’ll never know with me hey. Maybe I have all, maybe I have 2 or 3. Maybe I don’t even have 1. Ra pusha Nje,” remarked Cassper.

While fans may never really know how many cars Cassper actually has, he did recently share on his Instagram stories what seems to be a new addition to his fleet. The rapper recently shared a clip of a white Range Rover which could be his new set of wheels. Over the years Cassper has made sure to drive around in only the best, after all, he can afford it. However, there was once a time when he went through financial troubles and had to sell one of his cars but now he is able to spoil himself with a Mansory facelift.

Mansory is popular for giving luxury cars a makeover that includes anything from bespoke interior modification to flashy rims. “I’m turning 30 today and I had to get myself something special that I will always remember. A big shout-out to Race for hooking this up for me and making sure it’s done for my birthday. Officially part of the #Mansoryclub. It’s #BentleyBoys forever.” captioned the rapper a video of his birthday present to himself.

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