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Pics! Emtee Launches His Branded Hemp Rolling Paper SA Hip Hop Mag

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Pics! Emtee Launches His Branded Hemp Rolling Paper. Many hip-hop stars have found it natural to also become highly successful business people, which is unsurprising given their success and popularity. Many hip hop artists in South Ah now have their own clothing lines, perfumes, record labels, and so on. Despite running his own record label Emtee has become one of the recent hip hop artists to venture into business that is not related to music.

Pics! Emtee Launches His Branded Hemp Rolling Paper

The Pearl Thusi hit maker has inspired most young artists with his come up hit Roll Up a track that rocked the streets and radio stations. It looks like the song is still an inspiration to Emtee as he has launched his own branded weed rolling paper “Great Paper, No Kizzy.”

The rapper shared on his Emtee Records Instagram Page that he has partnered with Hektic Paper for the launch of his weed paper that will be available soon. “They better put this $hit in every Spaza in the hood. Emtee pure hemp Rolling papers in partnership with @hekticpaperz. Big binny!! Master P Sadi “get you some product!” He wrote.

Not many anticipated the rapper getting into business. Emtee, who is known for his blunt honesty, stated that he intends to utilize the funds to launch a loan sharking company. Nonetheless, the rapper is now moving towards something great for himself and being a father has made him to make sound decisions and starting his own business has proved to be the greatest thing for the rapper.

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