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Pics! Lolli Native Officially Joins Emtee Records

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Pics! Lolli Native Officially Joins Emtee Records. Lolli Native is officially signed to Emtee Records, becoming the label’s first artist. The paperwork has been signed and now the partnership has been certified. This may come as a surprise to fans as for the longest it has seemed that Lolli Native is signed to the record label. However, that seems to not be the case. Emtee introduced Lolli Native to his followers last year in June when Emtee told them to be on the look for the artist. Now, there is no uncertainty about Lolli Native’s place at the label as he has signed on the dotted line and there is proof. This is also a proud moment for the record label boss, as it shows his label is growing.

Pictures of the moment were shared on both musicians social media pages and from what they shared in their captions everyone is happy. Emtee congratulated Lolli Native on the move, as he shared the good news with his followers. Emtee also told fans that they could expect more music from his signee. “@Lolli_Native Made it official Certified First artist in the label. Congratulations Lolli! More music on the way. Lolli Native is working on his debut album and recently dropped a new single called Bayaziwa, which was put together by Knifebeatz and Emtee.

Flash iKumkani was also previously linked to Emtee Records but earlier this year revealed that he did not actually sign any deal with Emtee and was no longer linked to it. This is something that seems to left a bruise on Emtee if his recent tweets are anything to go by. Emtee shared that he is cool with Flash iKumkani but still doesn’t get him leaving the label. “Ya we cool but I’m not cappin at the same time,” responded to a fan who asked if him if he was not cool with Flash. Lolli Native has stuck it out and the future is certainly looking bright for their business relationship, they are putting in the work and the results are evident.

Emtee had revealed in a previous interview with Drum Magazine that he has big plans for his record label. “My dream is to help and discover fresh new talent and I would love to venture into sports management. Maybe sign a few pro athletes to Emtee records as their Media Agency and lastly to own a union for the rights of all creatives in our continent.” 

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