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Portland-based synth-pop/electronic producer SINES delivers incredible album, ‘A Series of Moments,’ featuring talented female vocalists

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‘A Series of Moments’ Album Artwork

Written by Lauren Rosier

The Portland-based synth-pop/disco artist, SINES, is thrilled to unveil his brand new album, A Series of Moments, out now. The main goal for SINES is to “pay respect to the culture of dance music” which he listened to growing up, from electronic music to disco.

The first song on the album, “A Series of Moments,” is a melodic, rhythm-drenched track with sweet vocals from Kitty Richardson.


“The inspiration for this record came from my experiences dancing in nightclubs in my early youth and the magic I feel when I hear a kick ass dance record. I wanted to make a record inspired by those sweaty, hedonistic nights and something that was classic in a way. I think a lot of dance music is boring and I wanted to write something that was insanely catchy like a pop song but that also came from a culture of dance music and that paid respect to proper dance music going all the way back to disco.”

The second track, “Powerless,” is a synth-drenched track filled with industrial sounds. The track opens with thumping bass that immediately takes you to the underground dance clubs.

I love the opening of “Under The Waves”; the keys and the synth-tinged 80s-like track are just phenomenal. Her vocals pair well with the style of music. While the straight-out-of-the-80s track, “Sometimes I Wish,” is a terrific example of synths, melody, and bass, paired with gorgeous female vocals.

“Undone” is slightly reminiscent of Madonna’s in the 80s, while the track, “Mr. Ciao,” is a classic dance hall track with thumping bass, slapping beats, and incredible vocals.

One of the last songs on the record, “Tainted Memories,” is one of the most radio-friendly, I feel, on the album. I think it’s a great track that could really do well in today’s indie-pop/synth-pop scene.

Overall, I think this is an excellent dance/synth-pop album with some really promising songs that could be great hits.

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