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Priddy Ugly Responds To Ntsiki’s ‘Male Privilege’ Comment On His Video

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Priddy Ugly Responds To Ntsiki’s ‘Male Privilege’ Comment On His Video. Rapper Priddy Ugly has responded to the remarks poet Ntsiki Mazwai has made regarding a video the rapper shared on Twitter. Priddy had shared a video of himself rapping and in the video can be seen with a lighter and a piece of sage which he keeps burning.

The poet who is known for her controversial comments came across the video and retweeted it with the caption “Male privelege is nice….. Thina they call us names for smoking.” Tweeps who saw Ntsiki’s tweet commented if she had actually watched the video as they didn’t see Priddy Ugly smoking in the entire 2 minute and 20-second clip.

Priddy responded to Ntsiki’s tweet and actually agreed with her statement, which referred to females being called names when they smoke. The rapper called it “unfortunate” and added that “it isn’t fair” that there are double standards when it comes to men and women smoking. The rapper also went on to clarify that the thing smoking in the video is the sage and not him. “I feel you sis, and that’s unfortunate, it isn’t fair – you’re right. However the only thing smoking in this video is the sage,” tweeted the rapper.

Priddy Ugly is an advocate for women and is often heard speaking highly about females. He recently referred to women as “spiritual beings, gods” as “they produce life”. The rapper in his tweet explained that if men “understood this, we’d never disrespect or bring harm anywhere near them”. The rapper in a separate tweet went on to say that women are “the holy grail” as “everyone, dead or alive on this earth came from a woman.”

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