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Prince’s Rep Releases A Statement About The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star’s Domestic Violence Arrest

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The alleged victim was reportedly slammed, dragged, and punched.

News broke this week that Christopher “Prince” Harty was taken into custody. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami alum is facing multiple charges, including battery and kidnapping, in Miami-Dade County.

Prince is accused of physically harming his apparently estranged girlfriend. A police report claims the 31-year-old reality show star slammed the woman to the ground, dragged her by the hair, punched her in the mouth, and prevented her from leaving his residence.

According to reports, the alleged victim went to Prince’s apartment in order to return his shoes but supposedly threw the shoes at him. She is said to have suffered scratches and bruises to her lip, neck, chest, arms, and legs as a result of Prince’s assault.

Prince looked visibly distraught during a court appearance on August 12. The bond hearing resulted in him being granted a $25,000 bond and house arrest.


Michael Grieco, Prince’s attorney, is insisting the alleged victim arrived at his client’s home uninvited and unannounced. The legal counsel also told reporters the woman was the aggressor.

“She just showed up right at his door. We can’t speculate how she got in the building. We have photographs of her footprint on the door showing she was not there for a social call and things went sideways,” said Michael Grieco. “I can’t speak to what happened. But I can tell you there was no kidnapping.”

The Jasmine Brand also received a statement about Prince’s legal situation from Johnny Donovan of J Donovan Productions. The letter read, in part, “Please keep in mind there [are] two sides to each story and for months the other victim was informed to leave our client alone and move forward but decided to go in this direction to presenting a very huge misunderstanding.”

Christopher “Prince” Harty was featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami for two seasons. The club promoter/aspiring musician also made headlines for his long-standing feud with R&B/Hip Hop artist Tory Lanez. In May, Prince accused Lanez of attacking him at a Miami Beach nightclub.


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