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Ramin Bidar finds mainstream success with hit single ‘In Front Of Me’

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Ramin Bidar finds mainstream success with hit single ‘In Front Of Me’: Listen

Ramin Bidar has been on fire following the release of his hit single ‘In Front Of Me.’ Garnering his first number one single in August 2021 on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 150 Global Independent Airplay Chart for his chart topping single, he is proving to be more than just a DJ who spins records at parties.

 To ensure the success of ‘In Front Of Me,’ Ramin enlisted the help of Grammy nominated songwriters, Hookman & Elijah McCoy. Linking up with artists like these gave Ramin a mainstream backing from an established act who received critical acclaim from the Grammy committee. Having already surpassed 10 million steams globally, the record continues to climb, being a silent sleeper hit that is setting the stage for all of his future releases. 

The multi-faceted music creator has received over 1 million views on TikTok and he is just getting started, having received attention from Dash Radio and iHeart Radio, putting him on a national stage to share his rising music career, hit single and new found mainstream success. Pushing and working the record so diligently led to Ramin being interviewed by notable Miami artist, DJ EPPS on the DJ EPPS and Friends Show live on Instagram. With an audience of over 80,000 followers EPPS gave Ramin the opportunity to express to the world why he deserves his followers and how far he plans to take this music career. 

With a hit single and incredibly produced music video, it is easy to see why Ramin Bidar is finding so much success these days. Press play below to watch the official ‘In Front of Me’ music video on YouTube.

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